Application range of Welding machine

- Aug 17, 2017-


Laser welding technology has been widely used in the foreign car manufacturing, according to the statistics of 2000, the global scope of cutting slab laser welding production line more than 100, annual output of 70 million pieces of car components welded slab, and continue to grow at a higher rate. Domestic production of imported models also used some cutting slab structure. In Japan, CO2 laser welding is used instead of flash butt welding to connect steel rolling coil, in the study of the ultra thin plate welding, such as the plate thickness of 100 microns below the foil, can not weld, but through a special output power waveform of the YAG laser welding success, showing the broad future of laser welding. Japan has also been successfully developed in the world for the first time to use YAG laser welding for the maintenance of steam generator tubes in nuclear reactors, and in the domestic gear laser welding technology.

Powder Metallurgy

With the continuous development of science and technology, many industrial technologies on the material requirements, the application of metallurgy methods manufactured materials can not meet the needs. Because the powder metallurgy material has the special performance and the manufacture merit, in some areas such as automobile, airplane, tool and cutting tools manufacturing industry is replacing the traditional metallurgy material, along with the powder metallurgy Material's development, it and other parts connection question appears increasingly prominent, causes the powder metallurgy material application to be limited. In the early 80, laser welding, with its unique advantages, entered the field of powder metallurgy material processing, and opened up a new prospect for the application of powder metallurgy materials. For example, using brazing methods commonly used in powder metallurgy materials to weld diamond, because of the low bonding strength, the heat affected zone width is not suitable for the high temperature and the strength of the brazing material, which leads to the melting and shedding of solder, and the laser welding can improve the welding strength and high temperature resistance.