How to use the spot welder

- Aug 17, 2017-

1, welding should first adjust the position of the electrode bar, so that the electrode is pressed to the welding piece, the electrode arm to keep each other parallel.

2. The selection of the current regulating switch series can be selected according to the thickness and material of the welding piece. Power supply LED should be lit, the electrode pressure can adjust the spring pressure nut, to change the degree of compression obtained.

3. After completing the above adjustment, the cooling water can be connected before the power supply is ready for welding. Welding procedure: Welding parts placed between the two electrodes, step on the foot pedal, and make the upper electrode contact with the welding parts and pressure, in the continued pressure pedal, the power supply contact switch on, so the transformer began to work secondary loop power to heat the welding parts. When the welding after a certain time to loosen the pedal when the electrode rises, the tension of the spring first cut off the power and then restore the original, the single point of welding process is closed.

4, welding parts preparation and assembly: steel welding parts must be cleaned before welding all dirt, oil, oxidized skin and rust, to hot-rolled steel, the best place to weld the first through pickling, sand blasting or with a grinding wheel to remove oxidized skin. The welding parts without cleaning can be spot welded, but the service life of the electrodes is reduced seriously, while the production efficiency and quality of spot welding are reduced. For a thin coating of medium and low carbon steel can be directly applied welding.