Welding Machine Safety Maintenance

- Aug 17, 2017-

Welding machine must be properly grounded before use to protect personal safety. Before using the welding machine to use a 500V meter test welder high pressure side and the insulation resistance between the chassis is not less than 2.5 trillion euro to power. The power supply must be cut off before the inspection can be opened. Welding machine first through the water application welding, no water strictly prohibited work. Cooling water shall be guaranteed to supply 5--30℃ industrial water under 0 15--0.2MPa inlet pressure. Winter welder work after the application of compressed air will be in the pipeline water blowing in order to avoid the cold cracking water pipe.

Welding machine leads should not be too long, welding voltage drop is not greater than the initial voltage of 5%, the initial voltage can not deviate from the power supply voltage ±10%. The welder should wear gloves, aprons and protective spectacles to prevent the burns from flying on Mars. The sliding part should be kept well lubricated and the metal splash should be removed after use. New welder should be used after 24 hours to tighten the parts screws once, in particular to pay attention to the copper soft joint and the electrode connection between the screws must be good, after use should often remove the electrode and electrode arm between the oxide, to ensure good contact.

When the welder is used if the AC contactor is found to be not real, the power grid voltage is too low, the user should first solve the power problem, the power supply can be used after normal. It should be pointed out that the new welder in half a month if the quality of the main part of the problem, you can replace the new welder or replace the main parts. Welding machine Host part of the warranty for one years, long-term provision of maintenance services. In general, users notice the factory, according to Lu Chengyuan nearly 3-7 days in place service. Welder damage due to user reasons is not covered by warranty. Vulnerable parts, consumption parts are not covered under the warranty.

Because the contact area of the electrodes determines the current density, the resistivity and thermal conductivity of the electrode materials are related to the generation and dissipation of heat, so the shape and material of the electrodes have a significant effect on the nucleation. With the deformation and wear of the electric extreme head, the contact area increases and the solder joint strength will decrease. The oxide, dirt, oil and other impurities on the workpiece surface increase the contact resistance. Too thick an oxide layer can even make the current fail. Local conduction, because the current density is too large, will produce splash and surface burn loss. The existence of oxide layer will also affect the nonuniformity of heating of various solder joints, and cause the fluctuation of welding quality. Therefore, the complete cleaning of the workpiece surface is to ensure access to high-quality joints.