Application Field Of Sintering Furnace

- Aug 17, 2017-

1. Ceramic Material:

Using microwave high-temperature furnace sintering all kinds of white porcelain, stoneware porcelain, thin fetal porcelain, ashes porcelain, more than the traditional gas sintering furnace or fuel sintering furnace to reduce the firing cost of more than half, improve the product pass rate.

The use of microwave high-temperature furnace sintering red porcelain, blue and white porcelain, can greatly improve the yield, shorten the firing time, save energy.

Microwave High-temperature furnace can be sintered a variety of oxide ceramic materials, nitride ceramic materials, carbide ceramic materials and multiphase ceramic materials, can greatly reduce the firing time, reduce the sintering temperature, reduce product deformation, improve yield, save energy, reduce production costs.

2. Powder Metallurgy Material:

Cemented carbide: High-temperature furnace sintered carbide tools have been achieved in large-scale industrial production. Because of the rapid sintering, the carbide grains are small and the product performance can be greatly improved.

Microwave High-temperature furnace sintering various tungsten alloy;

Sintering various iron-based and copper-based powder metallurgy parts by microwave high-temperature furnace

3. Magnetic Materials:

Sintered ni-Zn soft ferrite material in microwave high-temperature furnace, the frequency characteristic curve of different grades of Mn-Zn soft ferrite materials sintered by microwave high-temperature furnace, and compared with traditional sintering furnace sintering, obtain better high frequency characteristics.

Microwave sintering of rotary ferrite materials; The rotary ferrite material sintered in microwave high-temperature furnace has lower loss and better performance under the condition of unchanged formula.

4. Microwave synthesis of vanadium nitride and a variety of ferroalloy materials:

Microwave High-temperature Synthesis technology can also be used for large-scale production of ferrosilicon, nitride Ferromanganese, chromium nitride iron and other special ferroalloy, not only significantly reduce unit energy consumption, but also improve product performance indicators.

5. Microwave High-temperature Synthesis of various ceramic powder materials:

A variety of high performance oxide ceramic powders, nitride ceramic powders, carbide ceramic powders and boride powders can be synthesized by microwave high temperature synthesis technology. Include: lithium cobalt acid, ferrous phosphate, aluminum nitride, nitrogen oxide, Cylons, titanium nitride, vanadium nitride, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, titanium carbide, vanadium carbide, niobium carbide, zirconium carbide, boron-titanium, etc. A variety of complex functional ceramic powders and rare earth materials such as strontium titanate, zirconium titanate, barium ferrite, yttrium barium copper oxide, long afterglow luminescent materials and so on can be synthesized by microwave high-temperature calcination.

Ultrafine and nanometer inorganic non-metallic powders can also be prepared by microwave plasma supersonic powder synthesis technology.