Main Properties Of Zirconia Beads

- Aug 17, 2017-

Main performance

The sphere roundness is good, the surface is smooth, has the pearl-like luster;

Excellent toughness, impact resistance, no fragmentation at high speeds.

The abrasion resistance of tzp zirconium beads is 30-50 times that of glass beads;

Tzp zirconium bead density than other grinding beads high, has a very high grinding efficiency, can improve the material solid content or increase material flow.

True specific gravity: 6.02g/cm3 Zirconia 94.8%

Bulk weight 3.5-3.7g/cm3 oxide yttrium 5%

Mo Hardness 9.0 Other 0.2%

Features: 1. Extremely low (ppm level) abrasion

2. Extremely high hardness is not easy to break, which is advantageous for grinding of high hardness material.

3. Extremely high density can effectively improve the grinding efficiency

Scope of application: Coating ink non-metallic mineral electronic glaze paper Making