Use Of Sintering Furnaces

- Aug 17, 2017-

Sintering furnace is a kind of at high temperature, the bonding of solid particles of ceramic strand, grain growth, void (stomatal) and grain boundary gradually decreased, through the transfer of material, its total product shrinkage, density increased, and finally become a compact polycrystalline sintering furnace with some microstructure.

Cemented carbide sintering principle: will be bonded phase, mainly metal, also known as metal ceramic materials, and ceramic phase (as the basis, temperature is higher than the bonding phase and melt into one, to achieve this process is called sintering process.

The furnace is mainly used for ceramic powders, ceramic cores and other zirconia ceramics.

Sintering Furnace

Sintering, Diamond saw Blade sintering, can also be used for copper, steel annealing and other heat treatment.

The same can be used for thick film circuits, thick film resistors, electronic components electrodes, LTCC, steel heaters, solar panels and other similar products high-temperature sintering, heat treatment.

Sintering furnace is mainly used in iron and steel industry, metallurgy industry, new material industry and so on.