Welding Machine Field

- Aug 17, 2017-


Laser welding has been widely used in electronics industry, especially in microelectronics. Due to the small laser welding heat affected zone, the heat concentration is rapid, the thermal stress is low, thus is in the integrated circuit and the semiconductor device shell package, has demonstrated the unique superiority, in the vacuum device development, the laser welding also obtains the application, such as the molybdenum focus pole and the stainless steel support ring, the fast hot cathode filament component and so on. The thickness of elastic thin-walled corrugated sheet in sensor or thermostat is 0.05-0.1mm, the traditional welding method is difficult to solve, TIG welding easy to wear, plasma stability is poor, the effect of many factors and the use of laser welding effect is very good, has been widely used.


The laser welding of biological tissue began in the 1970s, with the success of laser welding of fallopian tubes and blood vessels to weld and display the advantages, so that more researchers try to weld a variety of biological tissue and promote the welding of other tissues. The research on laser welding nerve is mainly focused on the research of laser wavelength, dosage and the selection of functional recovery and laser solder, Liu Tongjun The basic research on the small blood vessel and skin of the laser welding, and the welding research on the Great White cholinergic Explorer. Compared with the traditional suture method, laser welding method has the advantages of fast coincidence speed, no foreign body reaction during the healing process, maintaining the mechanical properties of the welding site, and the repaired tissue will be widely used in the future biomedical science.

Other areas

In other industries, laser welding has also gradually increased, especially in special materials welding in China, many studies, such as BT20 titanium alloy, HEl30 alloy, Li-ion batteries and other laser welding, Germany developed a new laser welding technology for flat glass.