Zirconia Beads Reason

- Aug 17, 2017-

We choose zirconia beads, how to use it correctly, to avoid the crushing of zirconia beads, as far as possible to extend the grinding medium and abrasive machine contact parts life.

1. The cause of the broken bead

The market is now popular glass beads, zirconium silicate beads and pure zirconium beads, in terms of the production process, basically, two kinds of electric melting and sintering method. To form in hot air, cold, or electrolyte, as in a certain shut down technique.

If the parameters are not well controlled, the following fragile beads will be produced:

1.1. Bubble Beads

1.2. Snowman Beads

1.3. Tail Bead

1.4, flat (oval) beads

The above beads because of the stress concentration area, in grinding easily broken, so select beads, should try to avoid such beads.

2. Normal abrasion and crushing judgment of zirconia beads

Usually, the work for a period of time the zirconia beads smaller, smooth surface without angular, this should be the normal wear of beads, on the contrary, such as beads in the presence of angular, flaky shaped beads when this should be produced broken bead.

3, the cause of broken beads

In the case of beads, on the one hand, the quality of beads, on the other hand, or the strength of such materials can not win the bead of some type of sanding machine. such as the Swiss Dyno-mill ECM horizontal Sander and the German Drais DCP vertical Sander, because the input energy density is relatively high, it is generally recommended to use pure zirconium beads.

In addition, zirconia beads in the sand grinder under normal operation, under the pressure of about 1 kg, relative to glass beads can withstand about 5000 kg of force and zirconium silicate beads 9000 kilograms, zirconia beads in the sand grinder in the force is negligible, so the reason for the bead should be concentrated on equipment and technology, and to take the appropriate solutions.